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This Febest PAD KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT is compatible with the following vehicles but we urge you to double check using the OEM numbers as vehicle data can vary depending on many other factors (engine/transmission/build date). We take no responsibility for returning parts that don't fit if you haven't checked with us first.

  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT23# 1999.08-2005.07 [US]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT23# 1999.08-2005.07 [US]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT23# 1999.08-2005.07 [EU]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT23# 1999.08-2005.07 [EU]
  • LEXUS IS2###/3### ASE30,AVE30,GSE30 2013.04- [EU]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA/FIELDER CE121,NZE12#,ZZE12# 2000.08-2006.09 [JP]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA RUNX/ALLEX NZE12#,ZZE12# 2001.01-2006.09 [JP]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA/ALTIS SED/WG CE120,NZE12#,ZZE12# 2000.08-2008.08 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT23# 1999.08-2005.09 [EU]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT23# 1999.08-2005.09 [EU]
  • TOYOTA CROWN/CROWN MAJESTA GS171,JKS175,JZS17#,UZS17# 1999.09-2007.06 [JP]
  • LEXUS IS2###/3### ASE30,AVE30,GSE3# 2013.04- [GR]
  • TOYOTA CALDINA AZT24#,ST246,ZZT241 2002.09-2007.06 [JP]
  • TOYOTA WILL VS NZE127,ZZE12# 2001.04-2004.04 [JP]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT231 1999.08-2005.09 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT231 1999.08-2005.09 [GR]
  • TOYOTA PREMIO/ALLION AZT240,NZT240,ZZT24# 2001.12-2007.05 [JP]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA 5D ZZE122 2001.10-2007.02 [GR]
  • TOYOTA VISTA/VISTA ARDEO AZV5#,SV5#,ZZV50 1998.06-2003.07 [JP]
  • TOYOTA MARK X GRX130 2011.12-2016.11 [GR]
  • TOYOTA ALTEZZA/ALTEZZA GITA GXE1#,JCE1#,SXE10 1998.10-2005.07 [JP]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA SED/WG (JPP) CDE120,NDE120,ZZE12# 2001.10-2006.10 [EU]
  • TOYOTA CROWN GRS182 2004.11-2008.02 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN GRS182 2004.11-2008.02 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN GRS202 2010.09-2012.12 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN GRS202 2010.09-2012.12 [GR]
  • TOYOTA MARK 2/MARK 2 BLIT GX11#,JZX11# 2000.10-2007.06 [JP]
  • TOYOTA VEROSSA GX11#,JZX110 2001.06-2004.04 [JP]
  • TOYOTA OPA ACT10,ZCT1# 2000.04-2005.04 [JP]
  • TOYOTA CROWN/MAJESTA GRS18#,UZS18# 2003.12-2008.12 [JP]
  • TOYOTA MARK X GRX13# 2009.10- [JP]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA VERSO CDE120,ZZE12# 2001.09-2004.01 [EU]
  • TOYOTA PROGRES JCG1# 1998.05-2007.06 [JP]
  • TOYOTA CROWN GRS20#,GWS204 2008.02-2012.12 [JP]
  • TOYOTA MARK X GRX12# 2004.11-2009.09 [JP]
  • TOYOTA CELICA ZZT23# 1999.08-2006.04 [JP]
  • TOYOTA BREVIS JCG1# 2001.05-2007.06 [JP]
  • SCION TC ANT10 2004.05-2010.07 [US]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA (S.AFRICA) ZZE12# 2002.08-2007.07 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN/HYBRID ARS210,AWS21#,GRS21#,GWS214 2012.12- [JP]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA (S.AMERICA) CDE120,ZZE12# 2002.05-2008.09 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN (CHINA) GRS18# 2005.02-2009.11 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN (CHINA) GRS18# 2005.02-2009.11 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN JZS175 1999.09-2003.12 [GR]
  • TOYOTA COROLLA (CHINA) ZRE120,ZZE122 2004.02-2017.02 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN (CHINA) GRS20#,UZS200 2009.12-2015.01 [GR]
  • TOYOTA REIZ GRX12# 2005.10-2010.09 [GR]
  • TOYOTA CROWN (CHINA) ARS212,GRS218 2015.01- [GR]
  • TOYOTA REIZ GRX13# 2010.09-2017.09 [GR]

    Cross Reference OEM Numbers:

  • 04465-2B040
  • 04465-2B010
  • 04465-21030
  • 04465-20570
  • 04465-13030
  • 04465-1A010
  • 04465-32220
  • 04465-30330
  • 04465-20540
  • 04465-30300
  • 04465-32191
  • 04465-20500
  • 04465-30280

  • Special Note: Suitable for 4WD OPA models not 2WD.

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    Special Note: Suitable for 4WD OPA models not 2WD.
    Febest Auto Parts Brand New Brake Shoes. 0101-CDE120F PAD KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT FITS TOYOTA CELICA OEM:04465-2B040, 04465-2B010, 04465-21030, 04465-20570, 04465-13030, 04465-1A010, 04465-32220, 04465-30330, 04465-20540, 04465-30300, 04465-32191, 04465-20500, 04465-30280

    FEBEST Australia specialises in the development and manufacture of OEM compatible aftermarket car parts for a huge range of Japanese, Korean, European and American cars.

    The main focus is on Rubber Parts, Suspension Components, Bearings, Braking Systems, Clutch Systems, CV Joints and Universal Joints. With a strong emphasis on correct and accurate OEM fitment of our car parts and with a huge range of over 10,000 car parts in stock at our Australian warehouse based in Melbourne. Febest aims to provide customers the correct part, delivered quickly and at the best possible price.

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    Rest assured all FEBEST products have been certified according to the international standard DIN ISO 9001. We offer a 30 day warranty which covers manufacturer defects and products damaged in transit. With German engineering and stringent quality control procedures you can have complete confidence in our products ability to withstand the harsh climate and road conditions in Australia and New Zealand. The rubber formula used in Febest Auto Parts is based only on natural rubber using additives which allow effective operation under extremely low temperatures as well as being able to cope with the extreme heat and summer conditions. Hydraulic silent-blocks and pads are filled with synthetic oils that contain special additives allowing operation of the products at temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius.

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