0410-014 - OUTER CV JOINT 27X56X28

Genuine OEM Cross Reference: MB160653, MB160654
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MITSUBISHI CHALLENGER K90# 1996.05-2001.08 [JPN]

  • MITSUBISHI L200 K0-K3# 1986.05-1996.05 [NA]
  • MITSUBISHI L200 K0-K3# 1986.11-2001.03 [EUR]
  • MITSUBISHI L200 K6#/K7# 1996-2007
  • MITSUBISHI MONTERO L04,14# 1983.01-1991.04 [NA]
  • MITSUBISHI MONTERO L04,14# 1986.05-1991.04 [NA]
  • MITSUBISHI MONTERO V43,45W 1991.04-1999.12 [NA]
  • MITSUBISHI MONTERO V43,45W 1991.10-1999.12 [NA]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO I L041G-L149G 1989-1990
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO II V14W-V55W 1991-2004
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO L04,14# 1982.04-1990.12 [JPN]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V20-50# 1990.10-1999.11 [JPN]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V23W 1992.06-2000.06 [GE]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V25W 1992.06-2000.06 [GE]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V33W 1992.06-2000.06 [GE]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V36W 1992.06-2000.06 [GE]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V43W 1992.06-2000.06 [GE]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V45W 1992.06-2000.06 [GE]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO V46W 1992.06-2000.06 [GE]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO/MONTERO L04,14# 1983.01-1991.06 [EUR]
  • MITSUBISHI PAJERO/MONTERO L042G 1982.04-1991.06 [GE]

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